Fulltime Position (1)

Position: Organic Farm Worker

Hourly Wage $15/hr. (plus picking bonus for strawberry picking)

Location: At Fair Fields, near Neustadt, Grey County

Duration and Schedule: This position starts in early May and runs through August. It will average 40 hrs./week, with slightly shorter weeks in the beginning and end, and slightly longer weeks during strawberry season.

Vacation and time-off: One week vacation will be provided during this time (unpaid). It can be taken all at once or as individual days, anytime during the duration of the position, with the exception of the 3 weeks of peak strawberry production.

Eligibility: In order to offer this position, we are seeking funding through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. To be eligible for this program applicants must:

  • Be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of employment:
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred; and,
  • Have a valid Social Insurance Number and be legally entitled to work in Canada

Strawberry Picker Positions (2)

Fair Fields is looking to fill 2 strawberry picker positions for the 2021 season.

Pickers will work with the rest of the team, mostly picking strawberries, and sometimes carrying out other strawberry related tasks, like spot weeding, irrigating, making boxes and interacting with u-pick customers. These positions will:
* Start during the second or third week in June and work through till the end of strawberry season (typically sometime the second week of July)
* Be part-time – 4-5 short days per week starting at 8 or 9 am
* Receive minimum wage + picking bonus (TBD) + 1 flat u-pick berries
* Offer the possibility of part-time work continuing into sweet corn season, depending on weather and demand.

If interested, please send a resume to devanpenney@gmail.com
No google docs, please.


“Please be in touch about future work opportunities at Fair Fields.

2021 Season Farm Workers


Jim Penney

Jim took a while to get back to Grey County. As a youth, he worked on a family farm near Holstein and then Dundalk, breeding Black Angus cattle and raising crops. He attended Ridgetown College for agriculture and then worked a variety of jobs including delivery. Those cropping and delivery skills will be put to work this year, as Jim takes over our wholesale delivery and haymaking. He will also be a friendly (if masked...) face during the strawberry u- pick season.

Amanda Deschambeau

Amanda grew up in Northern Alberta and has lived all over the country, from Nunavut to Vancouver to Nova Sco>a. She has worked as a truck driver, tree planter and pastry chef, among other jobs, and has always been interested in food and working outside with plants. Last year she moved to the area and has worked on local farms since. We feel lucky to have her with us this season, along with the experience and passion about growing food she brings!

Heather Saumer

Heather was our star picker in 2020! Originally from Alberta, she has made her home, in West Grey, where she enjoys living off-grid, gardening and walking her dog. Heather is a trombonist, improviser, composer, singer, mover, thinker walker and noticer of subtle things. She teaches in her private studio and leads workshops and clinics. Her attention to detail and positive attitude was an amazing contribution to our team in 2020 and we hope she will join us again in 2021.

Previous Season Farm Workers



Hailing from Hanover, Graham is also a high school student and great friends with Talis, our other student employee from the 2020 season. Graham has a strong work ethic and great attention to detail. Like Talis, he is also passionate in his beliefs, and you could here him and Talis exploring, discussing, and debating an incredible variety of topics, while patiently weeding or picking strawberries. Like Talis, Graham is back at school for the year and we hope he will join us again this coming season.


Doug has been living in the Neustadt area, for almost as long as us. Like Heather, he is a musician and teacher, teaching music at our daughter’s old school and other schools in the area. He was also short on work this year during the spring and early summer lockdown and we were lucky enough to have his help and provide him with some part time work. Doug has a great sense of humour and worked really well with our younger staff this season. Like Heather, we hope he still has some time this coming season, to pick strawberries and chat with, in the field!


From just north of Durham, Talis is a high school student whose love of physical outdoor work was obvious at Fair Fields. One of the most politically aware high school students I have met, Talis really understands our work toward greater sustainability and local food security. He is back in school for the year, but we hope he will join us again for the 2021 season.