Our asparagus is coming up, the rhubarb is growing fast, and we are planting strawberries; spring has sprung at Fair Fields.  Despite that wacky warm week at the beginning of April, the last couple of weeks have been wet and cool, so we are a little bit behind in our first offerings.  Nonetheless, we expect to have both asparagus and rhubarb for sale at the farm starting Wednesday, May 17th and strawberries by mid-June.
Like last year, we will be open Wednesday through Sunday, 9:30 am – 7:30 pm.
We will post on facebook.com/fairfieldsorganics and update voicemail at (519) 665-7982, if we have a lull in production and are running out of produce.


We hope to have a more consistent supply of corn this year.  Our ground preparation is better, and we are starting more seedlings in the greenhouse to try and start with a bang!  We have also learned our lesson on using old seeds, don’t do it!  Corn germination is a little more finicky, especially in organic production, so it is good to have new seeds and plant lots of it…


We are slowly expanding our tree fruit offerings this year.  Last year was our first successful tree fruit year, with apples and some pears surprising us in their abundance.  Our first trees are old enough, and my dad, Donald, has been caring for them well, so the trees are starting to bear fruit!  We have also planted plums, cherries and smattering of others that will hopefully produce fruit in the next few years.  Check-in with us closer to late summer to see how this year’s crop is shaping up.


This spring, we will also plant a few short rows of July raspberries and haskaps, as a trial to see if there is enough demand to add those to our list of fruit.   For those who haven’t heard of them, haskaps are a great northern fruit, native to Canada and very productive and winter hearty.  They are packed with antioxidants and have a flavour somewhere between a blueberry and a mild currant.