We started planting aspagus several years ago and it is starting to really come into its own! Young asparagus takes a while to expand into a bed and build up a large healthy crown. First years of harvesting are light, as you let the plants keep a lot of their energy to grow and invest in future years. Our patch is just reaching full maturity this year and will soon be entering its golden years. That means we will have 7+ weeks of harvesting and heavier yields than we have had to date. It also means the patch is peaking over the next several years, after which we will slowly see some of it start to decline in areas that have heavy weed pressure. Hopefully the golden years last a good long time!

Asparagus Fronds in the Summer

We love asparagus, as it is one of the first green vegetables available in the spring and has a sweet and earthy flavour that is unique among vegetables. Some of our favourite ways to use it are grilled or sauted with a bit of garlic and oil or butter. It goes particularily well with toasted sesame seed oil. Wrapped in bacon and grilled, it is divine… It is also yummy pickled, in omlettes and frittatas, in pastas and pureed in soup. We make sure to put away a few pounds every year to make into rich creamy soups over winter.

Bunching the Harvest

Come on out to the farm to grab some asparagus during open hours or purchase our products through Eat Local Grey Bruce, Glencolton Farm Store, and Side Road Farm Store. If you are looking for a bulk order, reach out ahead of time to make sure we have supply and to check on wholesale pricing.