Rhubarb Pre-Picked – Opens for the season May 13th


Rhubarb Pre-Picked
2024 Season prices:



We sell a vigorous large thick-stemmed variety with green and red stalks that was at the farm when we bought it in 2011. Like other rhubarb it is great enjoyed fresh or frozen and, in our house, makes its way into oatmeal, muffins, cakes, pies, jams, and even cocktails! As demand can vary, we harvest to order, so please call/order in advance so we can make sure to have your rhubarb ready for you.”


Rhubarb Pre-Picked
2024 Season prices – Opens May 13th:

$4.50 / lb

Our rhubarb decided to come out of hiding in a big way this week… The old winter to summer in 6 days or less trick!

Rhubarb is available pre-picked Wednesday through Sunday, 9:30 am to 7:30 pm, or by appointment.

The rhubarb is also available for u-pick (by appointment only). We expect to have them both for four weeks or more. 

Please call ahead at (519) 665-7982
(landline, so no texts, please), or email info@fairfieldsorganics.ca

Wholesale :

We also wholesale orders of 10 lbs. or more at $2.50 for wholesale (depending on size of order, pickup or delivery, etc.





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